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Pest categorisation of potato virus Y (non‐EU isolates)


Published on: Thu, 09 Jan 2020

Following a request from the EU Commission, the Panel on Plant Health has addressed the pest categorisation of non‐EU isolates of potato virus Y (PVY). The information currently available on geographical distribution, biology, epidemiology, potential entry pathways and potential additional impact of non‐EU isolates of PVY, has been evaluated with regard to the criteria to qualify as a potential Union quarantine pest. Because non‐EU isolates of PVY are absent from the EU, they do not meet one of the requirements to be regulated as a regulated non‐quarantine pest (RNQP) (presence in the EU); as a consequence, the Panel decided not to evaluate the other RNQP criteria for these isolates. Populations of PVY can be subdivided into several strains and groups of isolates: strain C (PVY‐C), strain N (PVY‐N), strain O (PVY‐O) and a wide range of recombinant isolates (PVY‐recombinants) which have a worldwide distribution (including the EU). Two groups of isolates, i.e. the Brazilian (PVY‐Br) and Chilean (PVY‐Ch) isolates, are considered absent from the EU. Non‐EU isolates of PVY‐C, PVY‐N, PVY‐O and PVY‐recombinants identified so far are not expected to have an additional impact in the EU compared to the PVY isolates already present and, therefore, do not meet the corresponding criterion to qualify as a potential Union quarantine pest. The Panel is unable to conclude on the potential additional impact of isolates of PVY‐Br and PVY‐Ch in the EU territory, but these isolates meet all the other criteria to qualify as potential Union quarantine pests.

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Pest categorisation of potato virus Y (non‐EU isolates)

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