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Animal Population Data Flows at country level: domestic pigs and poultry


The Framework Working Contract (FWC) number OC/EFSA/ALPHA/2018/01 between the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA, the contracting authority), and the SIGMA consortium (the contractor), is in force from 23 May 2018 until 22 November 2021. The subject matter of the FWC is the provision of technical support to improve and automatize the collection and reporting to EFSA by the European Union (EU) Member States of data on animal disease outbreaks and surveillance (SIGMA). Among other tasks, EFSA requested the preparation of two External Reports on Country Data Flows: one on Animal Population and a second on Laboratory data. The present report describes the data flows in place in contributing countries for the management and updated of national animal (pig or poultry) population databases.

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