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Roadmap for actions on artificial intelligence for evidence management in risk assessment


In May 2021, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) launched the “Roadmap for actions on Artificial Intelligence for evidence management in risk assessment” project to develop an approach for the implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods in the evidence management phase of its internal risk assessment process. The main objective is to identify specific projects to be carried out to increase – by 2027 ‐ the accessibility and breadth of the body of evidence and enhance the trustworthiness of the risk assessment process by applying human‐centric AI in close coexistence with human expertise. The roadmap, therefore, presents a full understanding of ongoing activities, market readiness, knowledge gaps, and societal interests and concerns, as well as collaboration opportunities in the field of AI application to the evidence management process. Subsequently, based on these findings, it outlines a set of recommendations aimed at developing the Agency's capabilities to adopt and integrate AI solutions in the evidence management process. Finally, the roadmap contains considerations aimed at identifying potential communication and engagement opportunities in the area of AI applied to evidence management in risk assessment, considering specific needs and concerns of EFSA's stakeholders on the adoption of AI.

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