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Annual report of the EFSA Scientific Network of Risk Assessment of Nanotechnologies in Food and Feed for 2020


The Scientific Network of Risk Assessment of Nanotechnologies in Food and Feed (the Nano Network) was established in 2010 by the EFSA Advisory Forum, in accordance with EFSA's strategy for cooperation and networking with Member States. This Nano Network exchanges information and expertise between EFSA and Member States. It enhances dialogue among members, builds mutual understanding of risk assessment principles, improves knowledge and confidence in the scientific assessment carried out in the European Union, and increases the transparency of the process among Member States and EFSA. The annual reports of the Nano Network inform the public, stakeholders and research communities about the specific activities and achievements of the Nano Network. In 2020, the yearly meeting was held concomitantly with the 17th meeting of the EFSA cross‐cutting Working Group on Nanotechnologies, and converted to virtual network meeting in line with the measures established by EFSA to reduce the risk of coronavirus infection. The purpose of this annual meeting was to ensure information and knowledge exchange with risk assessor delegates of European Member States on the ongoing activities and further research priorities. The Nano Network members were informed on the last updates of the Guidance documents produced by EFSA in the field of Nanotechnologies, which are currently under finalisation. The Network was asked to contribute to the finalisation of the Guidances as well as their further implementation and dissemination.

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