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Critical Reviews in Toxicology

Critical Reviews in Toxicology provides up-to-date, objective analyses of topics related to the mechanisms of action, responses, and assessment of health risks due to toxicant exposure.  The journal publishes critical, comprehensive reviews of research findings in toxicology and the application of toxicological information in assessing human health hazards and risks.  Toxicants of concern include commodity and specialty chemicals such as formaldehyde, acrylonitrile, and pesticides; pharmaceutical agents of all types; consumer products such as macronutrients and food additives; environmental agents such as ambient ozone; and occupational exposures such as asbestos and benzene.
Toxicological responses reviewed range from observations at the molecular and cellular level to physiological and pathological alterations in intact mammals and populations of laboratory animals and people.  Responses in all major organ systems are of interest, with emphasis on those responses identified as human diseases or their precursor events. Particular attention is given to cancer, reproductive, and developmental effects as responses of particular social concern.

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