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Pest categorisation of beet necrotic yellow vein virus


Published on: Tue, 22 Dec 2020

Following a request from the EU Commission, the Panel on Plant Health performed a categorisation of beet necrotic yellow vein virus (BNYVV), the causal agent of the sugar beet rhizomania disease. The virus is currently listed in Annex III as a protected zone (PZ) quarantine pest of the Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/2072. The identity of the BNYVV is well established. BNYVV is a soil‐borne virus transmitted by the obligate root plasmodiophorid endoparasite Polymyxa betae. BNYVV is widely distributed in the EU, but is not reported in the following EU PZs: Ireland, France (Brittany), Portugal (Azores), Finland and Northern Ireland. The virus may enter, become established and spread in the PZs via P. betae resting spores with soil and growing media as such or attached to machinery and with roots and tubercles of species other than B. vulgaris and with plants for planting. Introduction of BNYVV would have a negative impact on sugar beet and other beet crops in PZs, because of yield and sugar content reduction. Phytosanitary measures are available to reduce the likelihood of entry and spread in the PZs. Once the virus and its plasmodiophorid vector have entered a PZ, their eradication would be difficult due to the persistence of viruliferous resting spores in the soil. The main knowledge gaps or uncertainties identified concerning the presence of BNYVV in the PZs and the incidence and distribution of BNYVV in Switzerland, a country to which a range of specific requirements do not apply. BNYVV meets all the criteria that are within the remit of EFSA to qualify as a potential protected zone union quarantine pest. Plants for planting are not considered as a main means of spread, and therefore BNYVV does not satisfy all the criteria evaluated by EFSA to qualify as potential Union regulated non‐quarantine pest.

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Pest categorisation of beet necrotic yellow vein virus

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